Harvest Green Subdivision Spotlight: A Place Where Planning and Environmental Awareness Meet

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Note: This blog has been updated on January 11, 2024. 

Harvest Green – that’s the kind of community you get when you combine master planning with agro- or farm-centricity. “Unique” is probably the best word to describe this Houston-area community.

Richmond’s Harvest Green, in Fort Bend County, even made RCLCO’s list of “The Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities of Mid-Year 2020.” And for plenty of good reasons . . .

  • Designed to accommodate 2,600+ residential units as well as 200,000+ square feet of commercial and retail space
  • Features a host of on-site farm-centric amenities – working farm, greenhouse, vineyards, farmers market, and more
  • 300+ acres of lakes, parks, and other green space, as well as 17+ miles of trails
  • Boasts a Farmhouse amenity center that features a fitness center, pool, community rooms, event lawn, and lakeside amphitheater
  • Garden plots available for residents to rent

But there’s more – much more.

The Broad Harvest Green Spotlight

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Harvest Green, situated on 1,358 acres in Richmond, Texas, was name by the Greater Houston Builders Association the “2018 Master-Planned Community of the Year.” And here are the features that allowed it garner this award:

  • Central location
  • New construction/quality builders
  • Optimal blend of residential and commercial properties
  • On-site, quality schools
  • Miles of trails along natural waterways
  • Recreational lakes
  • Award-winning recreation center
  • A “Director of Fun”

And if that’s not enough, here’s one attribute that truly makes Harvest Green unique: “When the wind blows, you might catch a hint of rosemary, parsley or lemon in the air. The builders are required by the developer to plant something edible in the front yard of every home. They also give buyers the option of adding a backyard garden to their properties, one that is ready to grow by the time they move in.”

With respect to location, the community’s close proximity to Grand Parkway all residents quick and easy access to all the major arteries that lead to downtown Houston – that is, Interstate 10, Highway 59, and the Westpark Tollway. And that also means easy access to the Medical Center, Galleria, and Energy Corridor. The idea was to enable residents to enjoy all the benefits of the area with just a short drive – while still living in a removed, tranquil atmosphere and tight-knit community.

Offering “a unique opportunity for homebuyers seeking active and sustainable lifestyles,” Harvest Green features “an onsite, cooperative farm and ongoing activities focused on gardening.” In fact, when the community first opened in 2015, It was Houston’s very first “Agri-hood.” Its tantalizing tagline went like this: “Planting Roots. Growing Life. Harvesting Happiness.”

Residents who choose to join the “Farm Club” have the opportunity to grow their own produce and help care for the on-site goats and chickens. But for those who wan a little less dirt under their fingernails, there’s a weekly farmer’s market featuring organically grown produce. And there’s also a you-pick herb garden where residents can pick their own fresh herbs free of charge.

Narrowing the Spotlight

Now, let’s narrow the focus of our spotlight and train it on some specific aspects of Harvest Green . . .

Quality Homes and Variety

You might expect homes in such a new, planned, and unique community, where the construction was done by award-winning builders, to be . . . well, expensive. But they come in all sizes and prices.

Home prices range from $240,000 up to $700,000, and sizes range from 1,500 square feet to 5,000 square feet. All of the homes, regardless of size or price, energy-efficient and wired for smart technology, as well as featuring open floor plans for a bright, roomy feel.

Top-Notch Amenities

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But the right-sized home in the right price range still doesn’t mean much of all the other things that make life worth living aren’t available nearby. Never fear” Harvest Green has them.

This community can lay claim to “30 acres of lakes and waterways, 288 acres of green belts and open spaces, and more than 15 miles of trails to walk, hike or bike. Kids can explore Barberry Park, a playground with a climbable barn structure and several toddler playhouses for impromptu games of hide and seek. Furry friends can run around and get their energy out at Bark Park, a play area designed specifically for them. The community’s newest amenity, Harvest Yard, will be equipped with tennis courts, a sand volleyball court and an expansive playground with an over-sized sculpture of a carrot, a nod to the community’s farming roots.”

In addition, there’s also the Farmhouse, which we touched on earlier, but we didn’t mention that it was voted the “2018 Master-Planned Community Amenity Center of the Year” by the Greater Houston Builders Association. This event center features a resort-style pool, a splash pad and playground, a lake with fishing docks, an amphitheater, an event lawn, and an event hall. In addition, full-time on-site director organizes and facilitates events and community get-togethers to keep the fun and community spirit rolling.

Local Shopping and Entertainment

There should be nearby shopping opportunities as well, and Harvest Green has those, too. Right across the street is “the nation’s first next-generation Super Target and a Grand H-E-B, giving residents the convenience of shopping for groceries and other basic necessities right outside their front door.”

A new town center is planned and when completed will offer dining, drinking, and movie going close to home for residents. Also, the world-renowned Messina Hof Winery and Kitchen broke ground this year at Harvest Green.

Quality Schools

Families with school-aged children will be pleased to know that there are excellent schools both in and near Harvest Green. The Fort Bend Independent School District has good schools from grades K-12. And within Harvest Green are James C. Neill Elementary, James Bowe Middle School, and Travis High School – all of which garnered an A+ rating from the Texas Education Agency.

Why Harvest Green, Really?

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As we’ve mentioned more than once, people are moving to Harvest Green and homes are selling . . . in good numbers. In fact, some agents who sell homes there have also chosen the community as their own home.

When one Harvest Green real estate agent/resident was asked why he chose to live there, this was his simple but sound response: ““There’s a lot to do . . . We hardly leave the area. We have everything here.”

Really, though, there’s something far more important that makes Harvest Green a great community and a great place to live. It was amply illustrated in an occurrence at the first event held at the Harvest Green farm, as related by Jerry Ulke, Vice President and General Manager.

“One family had a 6-year-old boy covered in dirt, helping the farmers,” he recalled. “He came walking back with a radish in his hands and said, ‘Look mom, they said we can eat this.’ His sister disagreed. ‘You cannot eat that,’ she said. ‘It didn’t come from Kroger.’ That is why we’re here,” Ulke [said]. “That little girl needs to know not everything comes from the grocery store.”

Out of the mouths of babes . . .